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Pro European Students Union

Unioni i Studentëve Pro Europian

About Us


Pro European Students Union
(Unioni i Studentëve Pro Europian – USPE)


Pro European Students Union (USPE) is a student run organization that acts within the University of Prishtina, but also on projects and partnership with national & international organizations.


USPE aims to increase the opportunities available to all students through the creation of new contacts, active engagement in important conversations and any request students may have. The aims of our organization are to give students: opportunities to develop key skills and competences skilled, developing entrepreneurial initiative with the ability to be independent and the ability to face changes in the areas of science, technology, the social and economic development successfully.


The target of USPE is to promote the participation of students and to coordinate their representation to government institution or any other responsible institution.


Students can easily express their ideas, opinion, as well as the possibility of asking for advice or making suggestion for any problems or issues that they may encounter. We enable students to develop any of the issues they raise that are in their interest such planning programs of studies, quality of studies and we as an organization will send these requests to the responsible institutions.