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IAPSS World Congress 2015 in London: Call for Papers

September 26, 2014 Mejdi Comments


IAPSS World Congress 2015
“The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation”
April 14th – 18th 2015 | London, United Kingdom

Email your abstract by November 1st to:

Cooperation and conflict lie at the heart of social sciences in general and political science in particular. Social interactions, involving individuals or supra-individual entities such as groups, organizations or states, constitute the fundamental building blocks of social sciences, figuring in either the explanandum of social theories or in the explanans, when being used to explain political, social and economic phenomena. In turn, depending on the strategies and actions adopted by those involved in social interactions, they are usually classified as cooperative or conflictual.

The structure, significance, function, role, implications and consequences of these interactions in various dimensions of research: positive/normative, local/national/international, methodological individualistic/holistic, using comparative/ game theoretical/ experimental/ rational choice/ evolutionary/ neo-institutionalist/ philosophical tools etc., constitutes the broad theme of the IAPSS World Congress 2015.

Our student panels will try to address these issues with three core strands of social sciences in mind:

1. Political Science

2. International Relations

3. Political Theory

We welcome papers from BA, MA, PhD and post-doctoral students and from young researchers who recently graduated their studies, from the fields of Political Science, its sub-fields and connected fields such as Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Political Economy, Peace and Conflict Studies, War Studies, Public Policy and Public Administration, as well as Political Psychology and Behaviour, European Studies, Area Studies, Law, and other related academic disciplines.

Possible subjects include but are not limited to the following sub-fields:

In the field of (1) Political Science:

  • Game theory and cooperation
  • Political parties and political coalitions
  • Free-riding and collective action problems
  • Social movements, political protests and revolutions
  • Legislative behaviour
  • Experiments involving cooperation in political science
  • Evolutionary approaches to cooperation
  • The rationality of cooperation

In the field of (2) International Relations:

  • Opportunities and challenges for international cooperation in a multipolar world
  • Balancing institutionalised international cooperation and democratic accountability
  • The increasing influence of non-state actors
  • Cooperation in political and military alliances
  • Terrorism and asymmetric conflicts
  • Humanitarian aid and international cooperation
  • International norms and legal cooperation
  • International organisations as forms of institutionalised cooperation

In the field of (3) Political Theory:

  • Collective and individual responsibility for (non-)cooperation
  • Society as a cooperative venture for mutual advantage
  • The site and scope of justice
  • Cooperation and civil disobedience
  • Public reason and cooperation in pluralistic political communities
  • Social contract theory
  • Ethical and moral constraints on cooperation
  • Cooperation and social preferences. Insights from social choice theory

Guidelines for Paper Submissions:

Please send us your abstract (200 – 300 words) including the title of the paper and 5 keywords. The document should also contain your name, the title of the paper, subject of study, home university and (optional) your field(s) of research.

Abstracts should be sent by November 1st 2014 to Selected candidates for all positions (presenters, chairpersons, discussants) will be announced by November 17th 2014. Final papers of selected candidates should be submitted by March 1st.

Panel Chairs and Discussants:
Panel chairs and paper discussants will moderate and accompany the presentations. If you are interested in fulfilling one of these positions please send us your CV, including the aforementioned  information, any additional personal data, and your academic background.

Panel Chairpersons and Discussants:

Chairpersons will have the task of moderating the panels, while discussants will be required to comment on each paper of their respective panels. If you are interested in fulfilling one of these positions please send us your CV, including the aforementioned information, any additional personal data, and your academic background.

Congress Registration:

Please register for participation in the IAPSS World Congress 2015 in London, United Kingdom, at All Congress related information, including registration options, the academic program, fringe events and Congress facilities are to be found there, too.

Travel grants:

A limited number of partial travel grants will be distributed to selected panelists with above-average travel expenses. Please note that IAPSS travel grants usually only cover up to 20% of individual travel costs. We therefore encourage you to start searching for other third-party funds at an early stage. When your paper abstract is selected and you wish to apply for a travel grant, please fill in the travel grant application form [Download Form] and send it to Reint-Jan Groot Nuelend, IAPSS treasurer and head of the financial administration email us before the 1th of December 2014. The grant distribution is solely based on panelists’ travel expenses.

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